At first I saved newspaper adverts on topics related to my cuttings files or my other collections - such as cigarette packets. Then I started saving any that appealed to me because of their graphics, photography or innovative design.  I can only display a small selection here because they run into many hundreds.

When the law was tightened on cigarette advertising, prohibiting any association with glamour, success or lifestyle, Benson & Hedges adopted a new approach based on the surrealism style of art. The advertising agency of Collett Dickenson Pearce employed an artist called Alan Waldie to devise adverts like the one shown on the right. It cleverly draws attention to the packet and, as many of them do, hints at other dangers in life - in this case fire and a cactus painting on the wall (What they didn't do is persuade me to take up smoking!)    I have collected a few of the ads and they can be viewed if you click on the image or NEXT. Also shown here is a limited edition print that I bought, signed by Alan Waldie, of one of his adverts - the only advert in my collection that I have had to buy. 








B&H had an influence on many other advertising campaigns. Boddingtons took a surrealist approach with their beer adverts. The one on the left even parodies Magritte's "This is not a pipe" painting. To see more of these adverts click on the image.  

Adverts like these that come in sets naturally have an attraction for me as a collector. For sets of Kenco, Michelob and Rizla click on the appropriate image.

For selections from other adverts click on the box related to the topic of interest.