My parents didn't possess a camera so all my childhood photographs were taken either by relatives, the school photographer (like the one on my Collectors page) or one of the men in blazers who patrolled the promenades and pier at Bridlington. I  clearly didn't like their cameras pointing at me because in most of the photos I'm trying to get away. Below, left - with my father and sister - I've just managed to avoid one, only to be caught by another! However, I liked the idea of being behind a camera myself and requested one for my 10th birthday in 1955. That was the start of my passion for photography. I still have that camera and all the ones I've had since then. You can read about them on this page and the ones that follow.

On Bridlington pier in 1948

My first camera, shown here, was a Kodak Brownie 620.It cost 1-14s-11d (about 1.75) and took just 8 photos. I used it for 5 years but only took about ten rolls of film in that time.

The two photos on the right were taken with this camera. The upper one is of Lake Windermere taken in 1955 and the lower one was at the Norfolk Broads a year later.