Yes, I really have got a collection of clothes-pegs - but it's a very small one! When I was clearing out my mother's house I came across her peg-bag and remembered the different pegs from childhood. I decided to keep one of each type. This is a complete collection - they are 'my mother's clothes pegs'.

The oldest ones seem to have been cut out of flat boards using a fret-saw. The 'dolly pegs' were turned on a lathe before the slots were cut out - although one, strangely, has a square head. The original spring pegs were wooden, later augmented with plastic ones. The gypsy pegs were made by splitting twigs and then binding them at the top using strips cut from tin cans. You can see that the peg in the enlarged photo still has the design printed on it - part of an ear of wheat. I can't positively identify it but it but it is very like one on a 1930's blue tin of Jacob's Cream Crackers. This peg is on display with other household paraphernalia on the wall of our utility room as shown here.