For many years I've enjoyed popular music from the 1930's and have bought old piano sheet music when I thought that there was a chance I might be able to play it. One of the first was Cinderella by Kennedy & Carr - a great tune with a superb art deco cover that is still my favourite. One day I heard on my local radio that a lady in Accrington had some old music to give away to anyone who was interested. I contacted her, went over to collect it and was delighted to see a great stack of 30's and 40's songs. She explained that they had originally belonged to Constance Winterson (nee Williams), the adoptive parent of the writer Jeanette Winterson. Ms Winterson has described her as 'bonkers' but I like the taste she had in music! I have added many more to my collection since then, sometimes because of the cover, sometimes because of the song.

Most of the cover designers are anonimous although mst appears on the eight Jimmy Kennedy & Michael Carr pictorial ones that appear on my YouTube video (right) of sheet music from the thirties and forties. The Teddy Bears Picnic, although an Edwardian composition, gained popularity in the 1930's when Kennedy wrote words to it. As a very young child I remember being intrigued by its cover on the music ledge of our piano.

Some classical pieces, such as the Moonlight Sonata seen here, were reproduced with vivid coloured covers.