In 2002 at a Lancaster antique centre I found a pile of a 1930s magazine that I'd never come across before - MODERN WONDER. Aimed at young boys, they had great covers, centre spreads like Eagle and fascinating articles on science, machines and transport. The 1938 Glasgow Exhibition Tower was on the cover of one so I bought it (now framed in our Study - see below) along with a few others. Having read them I decided to go back and buy the rest - about 50 in total.  

Many early covers (e.g. far left) were by Bryan de Grineau who also worked for The London Illustrated News. Later L Ashwell Wood (see Eagle page) produced covers (e.g. near left) and cut-aways. I aimed to collect nos. 1 to 98 (May '37 to April '39) and by 2008 succeeded. After no. 98 the quality deteriorated, colour was abandoned - because of the war - and it was renamed as Modern World, concentrating on military themes. All the covers from 1 to 98 are shown in the video on the right.