I was in a record shop in 1988 when I heard a great sounding track that was new to me. I found out it was called "Walk Out to Winter" by Aztec Camera - and it was 5 years old. I'd vaguely heard of them and recalled seeing a video of ""How Men Are" on a Saturday morning pop show. Shortly afterwards Roddy Frame's group got to no. 3 with "Somewhere In My Heart" - their only top ten hit. I was hooked in a way that I had never been before with any group. I loved Roddy's voice, his guitar playing, the music and the unusual lyrics. I had stopped buying pop records in the early 1960's but his amazing talent got me started again. I went round record fairs to find copies of old recordings and have continued to collect his new albums. I've seen him perform in Manchester, firstly at the Apollo, then at the Palace, at the Lowry in 2008, and at the Bridgewater Hall in 2013.

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