From a very young age I enjoyed looking at the schedules in the Radio Times particularly when TV programmes started to be listed. From 1990 style changes became more frequent -firstly with the inclusion of ITV and Channel 4, then Channel 5, satellite and digital channels. I started saving editions when these changes took place or when there was a new layout or a special anniversary edition. I have also managed to acquire a few older copies that showed earlier style changes.

Above:Radio Times has celebrated with special issues on its 50th, 60th, 70th, 75th (including a facimile of its first edition) and 80th birthdays.   

My full collection of covers can be seen in the video above


Right: The Radio Times Story by Tony Currie is an excellent history of the magazine.

Radio Times also celebrates Royal Events on its covers. The ones shown above mark the Queen's Coronation in 1953; Silver Jubilee in 1977; 40th Anniversary of the Coronation in 1993 and the Golden Jubilee in 2002. 

Since the 1930's Radio Times has produced special Christmas editions. Issues from the 1930's like this 1936 one are rare and valuable in good condition - fortunately this one has a soiled cover and was thus affordable. The next is from 1994 and uses the image from 1924 although a blowout whistle has replaced grandad's pipe! The others are from 1999, 2005 and 2008.  

For changes of the layout (e.g. in 60 years TV coverage has gone from half a page per week to 9 pages per day) go to: